Ambassador Kristína Farkašová Tormová

When I was asked as a little girl who I wanted to be when I would grow up, I replied that I wanted to become a dog. I thought that dogs had a great life! Today I already know that not all the dogs are as loved as our female dog. However this is not the main reason why I support the Animal Ombudsman and why I have already been the ambassador of the project “Find each other” for seven years. I know the girls behind both of the projects very well; the work with four-legged friends has become their life mission.

I consider it a miracle when somebody decides to devote all their time to improve something even if it looks like an unreal dream at the beginning. I´m definitely sure that dreams can come true! These crazy girls haven´t given up and used all their power and capabilities to make their dreams and ideas real. Nowadays punishments for animal abuse are tougher and a new act “An animal isn´t a thing” has become reality. And that is seriously a big thing!

I am very happy that some years ago a few smart and empathetic people created a community helping animals and spreading the idea of nonviolence in Slovakia. And not only on animals! For me this project is extraordinary because it proves the power of strong will and gives us hope to say one day that all these things were done in the past, but are not done anymore. Imagine that once there were bony dogs on a one-metre chain and nobody considered it strange. Once a neighbour could shoot my tomcat or people like you and me could harm animals without being persecuted and nothing was done about it. Once kids went to a circus and laughed when chained bears walked on two legs and danced, or as lions jumped through the burning rings. No, it´s not a bad joke, it was really like that in the past! I believe that thanks to Animal Ombudsman thousands of animal lives have improved. Thank you, my smart fellows! Our female dog Spoka is sending you sweet kisses.