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We are a group of experts-animal friends, associated in a non-profit NGO, who’s main goal is to achieve a profound societal and system changes to diminish cruelty and generally improve the quality life of animals in Slovakia. Therefore all our activities to protect animals from cruelty fully depend on enthusiasm and support of our partners and sponsors. And, of course, we also need support of our fans and friends. Please, donate your 2% of your refundable taxes to us and be our supporter. Your 2% of taxes may contribute as well to achieving our goals: righteous conviction of animal violators in Slovakia and justice. Help us witness that violence is no longer overlooked and tolerated. Thank you!
Our details:

Občianske združenie Aliancia združení na ochranu zvierat (Alliance of Animal Protection Organizations)

Námestie SNP 3, 811 06 Bratislava

IČO: 42268737